Gps Tracker

The GPS Tracker is an electronic device that can tell about its position. The device takes a GPS receiver, component in charge of geolocation. It also has a GSM mobile module. This part of the device allows the transmission of position data. The presence of a GSM mobile module implies as well that the use of the tag requires a SIM card. The GPS Tracker has two ways to send position information. This can be done with a simple SMS. Then, the message contains a link to the Google Maps app or site. Of course, it takes an Internet connection to be able to open the link in question. The second way of transmission is done directly on the Internet. The GPS Tracker sends the data on the server of a website of geolocation. In this case you need an account on the site in question. The account to view the GPS data.

Sometimes, a GPS Tracker can be equipped with a microphone. This version of the geolocation tag then allows a remote listening. It also happens that the Tracker has a spy camera to do shots.

The tag GPS has of course many applications. It is possible to use it as a safety accessory to find his vehicle in case of theft. Pets--especially dogs and cats--are often vagrants. They can easily get lost during their escapades. Attach a GPS Tracker on the collar of the animal to track his movements. It is also possible to extend the concept to children. On the other hand, we should not forget that the GPS can also be a working tool, especially for missions of spinning or to track the movement of vehicles of business function.

The format of the GPS Tracker so varies according to its use. The device may include a magnetic support to facilitate the fixation on a car body. The accessory sometimes takes the appearance of a cigarette lighter or an OBD. However, as a general rule, the GPS comes in the form of a compact and discreet box composite.

Our catalogue includes a wide range of GPS beacons. It is recommended, for example, the tracer mini GPS GSM with remote listening. This version of the tag board a built-in microphone. For a more discreet model, there is the GPS Tracker built into a car charger.