Alarm clock with miniature camera HD Wifi - Spy camera clock
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Alarm clock with miniature camera HD Wifi

This spy camera alarm wifi benefits from advances in technology. She plays both the role and wake videos with motion sensor recorder.

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The spy camera clock is distinguished by its original form. Its black color gives it a sober and trendy style. Decorative accessory, should be on a nightstand for your bedroom as an office. Thanks to the wifi featureIt can connect remotely from your computer or a smartphone Android or iOS. You have the option of view live recordings. It should be noted that our Mini spy camera has two operational modes. She works independently wireless through his power battery, on the one hand. It can connect to sector using the adapter for a Unlimited autonomyon the other hand. When the battery has exhausted its stock of energy, simply recharge with the supplied USB cable.

This clock camera wifi radio records videos. It offers a high resolution of 1080 p and 5 million pixels. Thanks to its angle of view (190)his goal ensures a wide field of view scan. To back up files, the device uses the VSA format with H.264 compression. Note that this micro spy camera features a USB interface. It allows the introduction of a micro SD card the maximum capacity is 32 GB. This volume corresponds to 8 hours of continuous recording. The interface also allows the use of the USB cable to transfer files to a computer. It allows to recharge 2200 mAh battery to recharge.

The advantage of this device is that it is a rAwakening camera spy night vision. Thanks to the infrared technologyIt records videos even in low light. It can run continuously day and night. Note that it also has a autonomy of usewhich is also its strength. He has this sound performance motion detector. With a range of 6 meters, its register function is automatically triggered if there is suspicious. You can view live what happens on your smartphone. If you want to invest in a spy equipment reliable, opt for this accessory. It is compatible with the universal operating systems such as Mac OS x and Windows.

Data sheet

1080 pixels
Video format
Operating system
Windows-Mac OS X
5 M
Minimum illumination
1 lux
View angle
140 degrees
Motion detection
Compression format
H 264
Compatible smartphone
Infrared vision


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