Hidden Camera Light Bulb

When you need a spy camera to carry out video surveillance, you can rely on a wifi-connected camera bulb. This device has a clear advantage over other spying units when it comes to autonomy. A spying camera typically uses a rechargeable lithium battery as its power supply. The autonomy obviously depends on the battery's capacity, but it usually only lasts for a few hours. This spying camera bulb is mounted on a socket, like any standard light bulb. It uses the electric network as its power supply, which means that it has no limitations in terms of autonomy.

This camera bulb is also a very discreet spying equipment. No one would ever think that a light bulb has a video sensor built into it. Night vision is another feature specific to this spying camera bulb. It also has several LEDs to fulfill its function as a lighting device. These LED lamps also provide infrared vision to the device. The camera has the ability to take sharp images even in low-light conditions. However, the distance range of the night vision varies from one device to another depending its performances.

A wifi-connected camera bulb also has a motion detector. This feature makes it easier to use the spying equipment, as it does not require manual activation to start a recording. The camera bulb automatically starts filming when it detects movement. Like infrared vision, motion detection has a range that depends on the performance of the video sensor.

Please note that the storage capacity of the camera bulb depend on the micro SD card you insert into it.

Some models are equipped with a WiFi antenna and offer remote viewing functionality. When the wifi-connected bulb camera is filming, you can watch the images in real time on a computer or a smartphone. This type of spying camera is compatible with mobile devices running iOS or Android, and computers running Windows or macOS. Note that this option requires an Internet connection, otherwise the camera cannot transmit images.