GPS bike tracker

The GPS bike tracker is a GPS tracker specially designed for bikes. The device presents itself as a device to protect your property from loss or theft. Indeed, it will allow you to track the bike, no matter where it is. In order not to arouse suspicions about its existence, this type of device is often concealed. It can, for example, be installed inside the handlebar gallows. Some manufacturers go further question discretion, as you can see through the products offered on this page, by declining their GPS trackers in the form of a common element found on bicycles, including a taillight. 

Have an eye at all times on your bike

Bicycles are often stolen even if owners already opt for a safety system such as the padlock. Clever, bike thieves have no shortage of ways to steal your property. Also, no matter what you do, it's always possible to lose your bike. That's why, a device like the GPS bike tracker is needed because it will allow you to quickly get your hands on your property. Gps location is very accurate with a margin of error of 5 to 10 meters. However, its effectiveness is limited. It stops, for example, working when it is under a building. In this case, it is the geolocation by portable network antenna that takes over.  

Receive alerts

The tracking of the bicycle's travel details can be done from a website made available to you by the supplier or via its dedicated mobile application. This allows you to provide accurate information that will make the police work easier.  All you have to do is activate the device at each parking lot. If the bike is stolen while the device is on, you will receive alert messages and GPS coordinates at regular intervals. If, on the other hand, you forgot to activate the GPS bike tracker it is quite possible to turn it on remotely just by sending it an SMS. 

More and more autonomy

The GPS bike tracker therefore has a GSM module that works with a SIM card and a phone plan that will allow it to communicate messages to you. This package must include sending SMS and Internet data. If it has good network coverage, nothing should affect its effectiveness. 

The GPS vtt tracker is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Such a device usually has a long battery life of up to several months. The battery life will increase tenfold if the device stays in standby mode most of the time. It is also becoming more and more important with newer devices.