Other spy camera

The range of spy camera isn't to watches, clocks, bulbs or even smoke detectors. The spying equipment also includes more unusual models.

In the spy cameraWe find the Smiley with a miniature camera. It is a small device spying in the form of a smiley. The model is distinguished by its very small size. Indeed, its diameter does not exceed 4 cm. This makes a device very practical, because it is possible to hang it on a garment to perform shooting. This spy camera type rarely take an able to shoot in HD or Full HD video sensor.

Then there is the battery external camera spy. It can be the size of an adult hand. Because of this, she can carry a more powerful camera. It can shoot in high definition. Another feature, this model offers a vision at a distance. This feature allows to watch live - on a smartphone or a computer - the images filmed by the camera. The dummy external battery is one of the few other spy camera to offer this option.

A spy camera button is also a particular model. This is a wearable miniature camera - that you can wear under a shirt or jacket. The device can easily be confused with the buttons on the clothes we wear. The quality of the camera varies according to the range of the device. Always in the list of accessories, we find the CAP with spy camera. It has a tiny sensor video at the center of the front part. Like other spy camera, the model is to control with a remote control. Mini tie camera complements wearable spy equipment section.

In the different spy camerasThere are also facilities like the wall hook with camera. This miniature camera model is more designed for video surveillance. The same thing for charger mini camera.

Them other spy camera work independently. This thanks to a rechargeable lithium battery. Autonomy of course varies with the capacity of food. For the case of the spy camera charger, autonomy is almost unlimited. To use the gadget, you plug it into an electrical outlet. The storage type changes from one device to another. There are models with an internal memory, and others who require a micro SD card. Remember that the pictures and videos are saved in standard file formats.