GPS plotter autonomous car without SIM card with subscription included - GPS car tracker
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GPS plotter autonomous car without SIM card with subscription included

With this GPS Tracker, you will no longer need a SIM card or subscribe to a phone subscription. It can also operate through a low-consumption network in France and Europe. With a motion and vibration detector, it launches alerts at the desired frequency. 

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this car GPS plotter is the device for Geolocation ideal for France and Europe. Small size, it is suitable for daily use. Indeed, it is of a dimension of 105 x 27 x 9.5 mm for a weight of 30 g. lightweight and uncluttering, it can easily slip into a car trunk, glove box or under a seat. The device does not need a SIM card therefore its operation does not depend on a distance limit. You don't need a mobile subscription either, because it uses a low-power network. In full charge of about 1 hour 30 minutes, it offers an impressive autonomy of 8 months. The charging is done via a USB cable that is supplied in the package. 

there car GPS beacon allows you to remotely locate company vehicles as well as personal belongings. It can also be used for older people or young children as GPS Tracker. As soon as it detects a movement, the GPS Tracker sends an alert. Alerts can occur at regular intervals depending on your settings. This can be every 3, 5 or 10 minutes. A notification will arrive to your Smartphone informing you of the slightest movement of the device.  With an anti-theft alert, thedevice detects the movements on your car after a 5 minute immobility time. 

It is possible to pre-define alert zones the device will emit a signal when it enters or exits these areas. This can be your Office, a parking lot or your home. You can set all the alert zones you want without restriction. 

The device does not require any special installation and has a battery that feeds it. Also, it can suit different uses: vehicles, two wheels, bag or even people. This tool is very effective in locating your suitcases when travelling by plane. This will reduce the risk of loss. No matter what good you want to track, as long as it has a location that can hold the device. To help you find the tracker in these cases, you have the opportunity to make it sound.  Thanks to thededicated mobile app to this device on your phone, you will be able to access thetravel history the period of your choice. Past positions are available on an unlimited basis.

Data sheet

30 grams
105x27x 9.5 mm
Load time
Motion detection
Lithium polymer
eight months
Requires a subscription
3 year subscription included then 9.90 euros per year from the 4th year
Tracer history
Location accuracy
five meters


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