Pen Camera

The pen camera is a spy material that takes the form of an ordinary pen. It is an electronic device, a mini camera integrated into the body of a pen. This design allows of course have a very discreet equipment. No one would imagine that a simple pen can hide a spy camera. We use this type of device to record or perform any audio recordings without attracting attention. We find inside of the pen camerathe components of a miniature camera. These are the video sensor, the microphone and the power supply. For accuracy, the Spy pen uses a rechargeable lithium battery. It offers on average at least one hour. In addition, the pen camera has a high quality finish. The objective of the camera is practically undetectable, as well as the mini-USB port.

The pen camera is equipment with a simplified grip. Once the video sensor is activated, just point it in the desired direction to film. There are also features that facilitate the use of such devices. The motion detectionfor example, can automatically activate the miniature camera.

Please note that we also find models from pen camera with a GSM module. This variant of the device requires a SIM card to operate. It should be noted that the telephone chip allows the spy pen to send alert messages. By calling the number of the material, we can then listen to what the microphone is trying to capture.

There are two versions of the pen camera according to storage. There is the model with an internal memory, and one that needs to use a micro SD card to save data. It is also possible to transfer the contents recorded on a computer. To do this, simply connect the two devices with a USB cable. This accessory is also used for charging.

Several models of camera pen are available in our catalog. Insofar as the image quality is a priority, we opt for the Spy pen with camera Full HD. The model has no internal memory and therefore requires a micro SD card. It is expandable up to 64 GB. Remote listening needs, we recommend the pen micro spy GSM and Bluetooth. Listening can be done by making a call or using a Bluetooth connection.