Smoke camera detector

the smoke camera detector is a very discreet video surveillance equipment. This is a spy camera integrated into the structure of a smoke detector. this spying equipment looks like a common smoke detector. As a reminder, the stand-alone smoke detector and alarm (DAAF) is an essential safety device. French law requires the presence of this device in every professional accommodation or premises. This is in the context of fire safety. When viewed by this type of equipment, no one would suspect that it was actually a smoke camera detector. This makes it an effective spying equipment. It should be noted, however, that the spy smoke detector is not a substitute for a real DAAF. This electronic device is only used to film or take pictures. The Smoke Detector part is fake.

the smoke camera detector can take pictures in HD or Full HD. The quality of the camera depends on the range of the camera.

On the other hand, features such as the hardware can be found motion detection and night vision. The first feature automatically allows you to launch records. The second function improves image quality in low light conditions. This allows the smoke camera detector to have images that can be used even in the dark.

It may also happen that a smoke camera detector offers remote vision. In this case, the model has a WiFi antenna that allows it to connect to an Internet network. It then becomes possible to see live - on the smartphone, tablet or computer - what the camera is filming.

the camera smoke detector is able to store the registration data. It doesn't use a micro SD card for this. The Spy DAAF usually has an internal memory. Data transfer is still possible, thanks to a mini-USB port.

Like all equipment in this category, the spy smoke detector works with a rechargeable lithium battery. This power supply offers at least one hour of battery life.

Our catalogue includes the most advanced smoke camera detector models. For example, there is the mini spy camera smoke detector. The latter has a remote control for remote control. Then there is the smoke detector with a spy camera, capable of filming in high definition. The model is equipped with a WiFi antenna for remote vision.