Faq Sections

Hunting camera

Which mobile operator to choose for GSM fighter cameras?

Is it necessary to have a phone subscription to be able to use a GSM hunting camera

Which Sim card to choose for a GSM hunting camera?

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Spy camera

Do spy cameras have a zoom function?

Why use a spy camera and not a conventional camera?

How is the quality of a spy camera?

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Micro spy

Is it possible to keep audio recording data in the spy microphone?

Do spy microphones have a sound detector?

Are mini microphones equipped with a video sensor?

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GPS tracker

How do I set up a GPS tracker to send us SMS alerts?

Which mobile operators are compatible with your GPS trackers?

Why buy a GPS beacon?

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Dash Cam

What is the purpose of your dashcam's Wi-Fi?

What is the motion detector for on a dashcam?

What is a GPS beacon for in a dashcam?

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