GPS plotter watch child Wifi - GPS child Tracker

GPS plotter watch child Wifi

This child GPS watch is a device of geolocation of your children. With an on-board camera, you have the possibility to know in which environment they are. The device allows users to communicate by call or voice messages. SOS, mobile app, 420 mAh battery button.

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This child tracer mini has been designed exclusively for children. Its whimsical look watch-shaped hides a high performance device that will help you monitor your kids even if you lose sight of them. Get peace of mind when they go to school with this precise geolocation device. With a GSM module, GPS can take over 3 phone numbers that are set up to receive alert messages when an incident occurs. It also has a SOS button, who, pressed for a long time, will launch a cyclic call to three predefined numbers. This function is very useful in an emergency.

Designed to withstand shocks and water splashes, the device is of unstoppable strength. It is also waterproof to IP68 levelwhich made it can be immersed in water without risk of damage. The GPS child Tracker is equipped with a camera You can control remotely. In this way, you can get an idea of where your child is located. This camera offers an image high definition.

The device allows the user as well as the parents of ccommunicate by calls via the GSM unit module. Not to mention that you can also disable incoming calls on this child GPS watch for a time during which he will receive no call. The device supports up to 10 numbers of family listed in a telephone directory. The child can then contact you when he needs it. Micro chat function also lets send you voice messages between the watch and the application that you install on your smartphone.

The GPRS module offers you a location in real time of the watch. Location details will be visible on the mobile application. Shipping a function of voice monitoringthe appliance can help you to hear everything that happens around the clock. Once this option is enabled, the user can be heard by his parents, but he can not hear a sound coming from them.

In case your child lose the watch wherever he forgot where he put away it, you'll see an option to do the research. This is done via the application that will appeal to her. The device is going to ring and you have to follow the sound to find her.

Data sheet

48 mm * 39 mm * 15 mm
Possible operating temperature
-20 ° C to + 50 ° C
Battery capacity
Compatible smartphone
Android and Apple
Location accuracy
5 meters
Internal antenna
SOS button
Mobile app
Yes - free


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