Spy usb key

The USB spy camera key is a miniature camera that has the appearance of a removable storage medium. This spy equipment has a perfect finish. Without a careful inspection, it is quite difficult to distinguish this unit of a banal USB. It is, however, important to be clear that a true support of removable storage consists of a flash memory and almost no mechanical element. This is as well as the USB is an accessory that is almost insensitive to shocks. As a reminder, the Spy USB key take the components of a miniature camera. As a result, its impact resistance is less important. Unlike a simple USB key, spy material does not have a built-in flash memory. To save the videos and photos, the device requires a micro SD card. Note that the templates included in our catalogue are expandable up to 32 GB.

Transfer the registration data of the USB drive spy recorder does not require a USB cable. This is due to the architecture of the device of course. Simply place the device on a functional USB port of a computer. MacOS and Windows operating systems can detect the USB camera key.

Moreover, the micro spy usb key didn't need to be plugged in permanently on a computer to operate. This espionage material is indeed capable of operating independently. The unit has a rechargeable lithium battery that allows this. You should know that this supply offers a battery life of about 2 hours or more.

The photographic performance of a camera spy key usb depend of course on the power of its video sensor. The more advanced models can film in HD or Full HD. The result is images of excellent quality with great detail. Animation is used to determine the quality of a video. A USB spy films on average 30 frames per second. The result is then a fairly fluid animation.

In the options offers a camera usb keyThere are often infrared or night vision. This feature allows the device to film in darkness and produce clear images. However, night vision has a limit. This last is 20 meters approximately. There also are models with a built-in microphone. These give the ability to shoot with sound or make voice recordings.

Our catalogue of USB camera key does any model with a built-in microphone. You can find a model capable of filming in high definition, as the USB camera Full HD. Then there is the USB spy camera infrared for shooting in low light condition.