GPS car tracker

Since our car is never safe from theft, it is important to maximize the safety of your vehicles to avoid any risk.  Check out our range of CAR GPS trackers which is present as the key accessory that will boost the safety of your car. Waterproof at the same time, with a high range, this GPS tracker long-lasting magnetic device allows you to track the movement of a person and their car.  Equipped with a GSM support and a rechargeable battery, this tool will do you a good service. 

Defined as a spy accessory par excellence, this gadget is very discreet and can be easily used during your investigation. With its small size, it fits easily into a bag or pocket without anyone being suspicious. It is also strongly recommended to use it to trace the path of a target car. Equipped with a magnetic support, it attaches easily to a metal surface like the body of a car. Under no circumstances is it going to take off.  Operating with a SIM card, you can easily track the motor vehicle remotely and in real time on an online platform. This gadget is compatible with a computer with as Windows system or mac OS. 

Also check out our range of GPS trackers which has adopted the form of a USB adapter for cigar lighter. Installed without the knowledge of the owner of a car, this device informs you about the movement of a motor vehicle.  With a micro SD card, you receive travel details via messages on your smartphone. Built into a voice detector with automatic call, this device also records conversations taking place in the car. this gps beacon has great technical performance, a great autonomy because it can operate for more than 4 to 6 days and a battery life of 12 days.  This tracker can also be used on a motorcycle.  Also be aware that it is compatible with Android and Apple.  The built-in SIM card begins its connection with your smartphone.  For more precision this tool also includes a geolocation system that uses different parameters: speed, direction, latitude, longitude...