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GPS Tracker for pets

Compact, battery high capacity of an autonomy of 15 days, localizable to an accuracy of 10 meters and equipped with a platform to life free online tracking, GPS pet Tracker is the essential GPS tag for the day-to-day security of animals of company.

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Because the outside world is often filled with hazards for your pet when he found it on his own, it should be fitted him with a tool designed so you can find the more quickly. It is in this perspective that we offer you GPS Tracker for pets. Easy to use, to 45 x 38 X 16 mm, weighing only 40 grams and adjustable to the collarIt will easily go unnoticed and is adaptable to each of your pets. With a capacity of 440 mAH lithium battery and to the 36 seconds delay time, this GPS Tracker service on full battery up to 15 days.

Running on network GPS and GSM frequencies 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz, it has a internal antenna and is detectable to 10 meters for a carrier implementation of serenity with each use. Waterproof, pet GPS Tracker has been developed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from-35 ° C to + 70 ° C, allowing you a follow-up of your pet in a wide range of community, wet to dry without risking damage. Localizable on map, it is controllable remotely through a mobile application, it is possible to use on all Android and Iphone smartphones.

Why choose it GPS Tracker for your pet? In addition to its features placing it as a let GPS excellence and adaptable to all situations, the latter is also available from online tracking platform hone its high specificities of range. Free for life (its cost is included in the price), the platform of follow-up of the GPS Tracker for dogs allows you to save and check all data collected by it and this up to 6 months period that it is possible to extend according to your needs. Functional, the online tracking platform is accessible 24 h/24 and 7/7 on Windows or IOS as well as from your Android or Iphone smartphone operating systems.

Data sheet

38 grams
Lithium high capacity
Possible operating temperature
-35 ° C to 70 ° C
Battery capacity
GSM frequency
Trigger time
36 seconds
Walking time
15 days
Location on map
Remote management
Online tracking platform
Yes - free (included in the price of the plotter)
Tracer history
Yes – saved for more than 6 months
Location accuracy
10 meters
Internal antenna
Mobile app
Yes-Iphone and Android


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