Voice recorder

More discreet, better designed and above all more efficient, today's dictaphone has little to do with its previous versions. A true technological marvel, the dictaphone can now be considered a device with a sought-after design that students or journalists can use with pride. For example, today's digital audio recorders are devices that have been modernized to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. Increasingly used in conferences, interviews, classes or concerts, they have been able to regain their place in the face of smartphones and other gadgets. 

Change of size and much appreciated by users: the dictaphone has moved into the digital age. This audio recorder picks up sounds in stereo and records them on a digital medium. Which can be read from any reader and one may even consider processing it according to the user's needs. Modern devices use an internal hard drive to store records, increasing their capacity while facilitating the subsequent handling of digital files. These digital audio recorders are therefore as practical as they are efficient. Flash memory may also be available on some models. 

Moreover, with a large range, which is a great advantage over older models, the digital recorder allows to have files whose format is compatible with most systems. But designers have also incorporated many options that improve user comfort - like automatic triggering. This option allows you to have a digital recording that stops recording when the speaker stops talking. A valuable option to limit the use of storage space but also to allow a more comfortable listening, avoiding breaks. There is also the remote trigger option, available on some models, which can pick up sounds even if the speaker is at a certain distance from the device. In addition to these features, the modern digital audio recorder still has the audio player function, just like the older models and can therefore be used as a walker. A feature that allows you to listen to files stored on the hard drive.

On the design side, exit the coarse devices, the dictaphone is now thinner and discreet. Sometimes designed in minimalist but functional formats, the digital recorder wants to be pocket-sized, practical to carry but above all the most discreet. It can be stored in a shirt pocket or between a few folders, for guaranteed discretion. This possibility is all the more appreciated by people who do not want to see that they are making a vocal recording. Indeed, some speakers do not like to be recorded during their speeches. The presence of a built-in filter allows, in these cases, to obtain a sound of incomparable quality with attenuated or even non-existent background noise. Obviously, for optimal sound quality, it is best to place the dictaphone close to the speaker. More than just a dictaphone, the digital recorder is above all a practical device that is suitable for professionals as well as amateurs.