Voice Recorder

More discreet, better designed and above all more powerful, modern dictaphones no longer have much in common with their previous versions. A true technological marvel, the dictaphone is now considered a sophisticated device that students or journalists can use with pride. Modern digital audio recorders are devices that have been modernized to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. They are increasingly used in conferences, interviews, classes or concerts, and have recovered their status in relation to smartphones and other gadgets. 

The size change is very popular with users: the modern dictaphone has moved into the digital age. Thus, this audio recorder picks up sounds in stereo and records them digitally. The file can be read from any player and can even be processed according to the user's requirements. Modern devices use an internal hard disk to store recordings, which increases their capacity while simplifying the subsequent handling of digital files. These digital audio recorders are therefore both practical and efficient. Flash-storage may also be available on some models. 

In addition, it has a large storage capacity, which is a great advantage over older models, and allows you to have files in a format that is compatible with most systems. However, the developers have also integrated many options that improve user experience - such as automatic triggering. This option enables the digital recorder to stop recording when it doesn't detect any more sounds. This is a great way to limit the use of storage space and make it easier to listen to the recordings by avoiding pauses. The remote activation option is also available on some models, which allows you to pick up sounds even if the sound source is far away from the device. In addition to these features, some modern digital audio recorder have an audio player function, just like the older models, and can therefore be used as a personal music player. This function allows you to listen to the files recorded on the hard disk.

In terms of design, the devices are no longer unsightly and are thinner and more discreet. They are sometimes designed in minimalist but functional formats. Their main purpose is to be pocket-sized, practical but above all very discreet. They can be placed in a shirt pocket or between a few folders, for complete discretion. Their compact size avoids people to notice a recording is being done. In fact, some speakers do not like to be recorded during their speeches. Built-in audio filter allow, in these cases, to get a sound of exceptional quality with little or no background noise. Obviously, for optimal sound quality, it is better to place the dictaphone close to the sound source. More than a simple dictaphone, digital recorders are above all practical devices that are suitable for both professionals and amateurs.