Cameras accessories

there spy camera is a miniature camera which allows you to take discreet shots. A very small size distinguishes this type of device. In addition, the camera may be given the appearance of a banal everyday object. The device can be in the form of a watch, glasses, a clock or even a pen. Because of the design of the equipment, spy camera accessories are not many. These boil down to cables with several functions.

You should know that a spy camera uses a rechargeable lithium battery as a power supply. This configuration then allows the device to operate without wiring. As a general rule, spying equipment comes with a USB cable. The latter is of course used to charge the device's battery. Two recharging methods are proposed. The first method is to plug the spy camera into a computer. In terms of the second method, the device is plugged into the sector. To do this, a charging box is essential. This adapter is often one of the spy camera accessories included in the device box.

Note that the connection to the sector offers a more efficient and faster load. Some spy camera models can be plugged in permanently during use, without causing suspicion. This is the case, for example, of a spy alarm clock. The connection during use offers unlimited autonomy.

Depending on the model, a spy camera has an internal memory or must use a micro SD card to record the data. For accuracy, the micro SD card is usually one of the optional spy camera accessories. Internal memory or micro SD card, the device usually has a mini-USB port. This allows you to connect - using a USB cable - with a computer. Once this link is established, it is possible to transfer the camera recording data.

For a model with a micro SD card, the use of a USB cable for data transfer remains beneficial. This prevents the untimely dismantling of the memory card, an operation that often makes the device wear and tear.

The mini camera accessories different shapes depending on the model of the device. In our catalog of spy camera accessories, we find a cable for camera watch. The accessory has a USB plug at one end and a jack plug at the other. This is different from the universal USB cable for spy camera. One end is a USB plug, while the other ending is a plug for mini-USB port.