Lighter spy camera

The Spy lighter is a gadget to spy for shooting discreetly. The device comes in the form of a banal lighter. Some models have a traditional design, while others opt for a more modern style. Visually, it hardly makes the difference between a lighter camera and a real lighter. In terms of size and weight, the two objects are rather similar. Moreover, one is not more cumbersome than the other. However, it is important to note that examination enables to make the difference between the two. Indeed, the lighter of the aircraft part is fake. As a result, we can't start a fire with a lighter camera. The latter is only used to film or take pictures.

We can also describe the camera spy lighter as a USB camera with the appearance of a lighter. The material actually contains a small removable hood. Once this element is removed, there is a USB connector.

Unlike a genuine USB key, the lighter camera There is no memory integrated flash. To keep videos and photos, the device requires a micro SD card. Note that the templates included in our catalogue are expandable up to 32 GB.

This type of equipment works with a high-capacity lithium battery. You should know that this food is rechargeable and offers several hours of battery life.

As a general rule, one lighter spy camera uses a video sensor capable of filming in high definition - with a display of 720 p format. The device does not have features such as night vision or motion detection. To start a recording, it is necessary to directly manipulate the spying equipment. Photos and videos are stored in standard formats. The videos are often in AVI and JPG photos. As a reminder, by default the computer or Smartphone software can open these extensions.

To move the data record on a computer, simply plug the lighter camera on a USB port. The device is compatible with Mac OS and Windows operating systems. In another measure, we can remove the micro SD card to insert it into a phone, for example.

We find in our catalogue 4 models lighter camera. Three copies are modern in design and can take pictures in high definition. There is also a model with a close appearance to that of a conventional lighter. This lighter camera offers a webcam feature.