Mini tracer gps - gsm with remote listening - Gps Tracker

Mini tracer gps - gsm with remote listening

The gps Tracker is an efficient and discreet. Thanks to its compact size, its use on a car or a motorcycle remains above suspicion.

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The GPS Tracker is recommended for companies to track the movement of personnel and rolling stock. It is also suitable for the supervision of the members of the family and property. This Spy device is distinguished by its micro size: it measures 64 mm long, 46 mm wide and 17 mm thick. Its minimalist dimensions give the high discretion. Its operation is simple and efficient. This tag gps sends the geolocation of the target by sms. This position is calculated from several parameters including longitude, latitude, time of shooting, management... It should be noted that its use requires the insertion of a SIM from the operator of your choice.

The motorcycle gps Tracker condenses the latest technologies in a single device. It works on a band of frequency GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 Mhz. On receiving the travel alert, it offers you the guarantee of never lose sight of your target. With high reliability, it gives a accuracy of 5 meters. This tool is designed to adapt to a broad range of extreme temperatures. In winter, it supports a low temperature can drop to-20 ° C. During the summer heat, it remains functional up to + 55 ° C. It is, however, worth pointing out that this gps Tracker is not waterproof. To ensure a long service life, it is recommended to avoid wetlands or directly expose it outside in the rain.

Choose this gps car tracker represents an economical option. In addition to the purchase of your product, you need not to take out a subscription. To ensure its operation, the package includes all the essentials like the charger, two batteries and the charging base. To protect your device from shocks, a storage house is free of charge. It should be noted that our gps car tracker has a autonomy of 5 days. A high-performance 800 mAh lithium battery ensures its energy supply. The use of lithium in this mini battery offers several advantages. It is the lightest metal, to lighten the device that weighs 50 grams.

Data sheet

50 grams
46 * 64 * 17 mm
lithium polymer
Requires a subscription
Possible operating temperature
Of-20 to 55 degrees
Battery capacity
GSM frequency
How to send positions


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