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How do I set up a GPS tracker to send us SMS alerts?

The GPS trackers offer the advantage of knowing through the menu the movements of a person or an object. With a SIM card, data about these movements can be known in real time or at the time of our choice. How do you achieve such a performance?


Add a SIM and set it up

Sending an SMS via a GPS tracker is due to the presence of a SIM card. The SIM card acts as a transmitter: it will transmit the data that the tag wants to send. To be functional on a GSM tracker, SIM card will no longer have to have a PIN. Since a tracker does not have keys or screens, you will need to insert the SIM on a mobile phone and remove the PIN. To make sure everything is working, call the tracker with the SIM number. You will receive a text message about the tracker's position. 


Launch pre-configured orders

The method is quite simple. Now that your GPS tracker is equipped with a SIM card, all you have to do is text pre-configured orders. You'll find these commands in your user manual. They may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In fact, it is important to follow the instructions of the instructions: respect the steps it recommends and correctly type the codes that are inscribed in it. Depending on the commands offered by your GPS tracker, you will be able to choose when to turn the tracker on and off, in which situation to send which message.