Among the devices used in the world of spies, we encounter different types of tools that can be used at its convenience. We discover several kinds of gadgets such as spy glasses, or Built-in camera caps or style for spy and many others.  But the keylogger range also is interesting to discover especially for spy enthusiasts. 

Among the Spy gadgets we offer you in our range, discover thekeystroke recorder which displays the same features as the spy accessories Usual. This tool can be used to detect all the activities that a person has performed on their PC. Acting in the middle of the keyboard and mouse as well as the computer, this tool can be installed as a driver. Easy to use, it can easily replace the functionality of a mini camera Traditional. He may also take on the roles of a surveillance camera data stored on PC as it is efficient, discreet that no one can suspect.  With its small size, this spy tool is of great discretion, plus it hides easily whether in your pockets or in your bag.  The Keylogger are real practical accessories that fit all the operating systems you have on your computer. The advantage of this tool lies in the fact that the reading of the information collected with this equipment can be done under word, worpad, or even on block. 

the keylogger windows has a maximum capacity to memorize 256MB data or 120,000 pages of equivalency.  Connected to a USB stick, you can easily securely transfer your data to a computer. Using this tool also helps secure your PC because you won't be forced to lock your computer anymore, so you can easily monitor your children's actions in front of your PC. Easy to use, keyboard keystroke recorder  are also technically efficient because it is enough to insert it on a PC, no need for a software installation or other. Reliable because a password is required to access the inspected PC.