Keychain spy camera

There camera car key is actually a spy camera that takes on the appearance of a mundane car key. The car key is thus an electronic device. It has a compact case with at least two keys. The number of buttons obviously varies depending on the features available. In terms of spying equipment, the car key is a formidable weapon. The device does not offer remote control of the locking of car doors. Instead of carrying a control system, the case carries the components of a mini camera. In this case, the car key allows you to film or take pictures discreetly.

The photographic performance of a car key for spying varies depending on the quality of the camera used. High-end models are capable of filming in HD - with a definition of 1280 x 720 pixels - or even full HD - with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
there car key camera also benefits from features that enhance its capabilities. The device can carry a motion detector. Detecting an activity automatically triggers the recording. It should be noted, however, that this detector has a limited range. Another notable option is infrared vision. This allows you to obtain sharp images even in low light conditions. Like the motion detector, the night vision of the car key covers only a given distance.

there spy camera car key can also carry a built-in microphone. The dummy remote control then gives the ability to record audio videos.
Data storage takes place on a micro SD card. The case of the dummy car key includes a mini-USB port for data transfer to a computer under macOS, Windows or more rarely Linux. A USB cable is obviously required for this operation. You should also know that the files are stored in standard formats. This allows reading on different media.
In addition, the device uses a rechargeable lithium battery as a power supply. Note that the USB cable is not only used for data transfer. The accessory is also used to recharge the car key.