Spy watch

there camera watch is a very discreet spying material in addition to being practical. This equipment is a wristwatch that does not only carry timepieces. The gadget also incorporates the components of a miniature camera. This allows you to take pictures without being noticed. This spying equipment usually comes in the form of a high-end wristwatch. The device has a neat, modern and elegant design. The bracelet can be made of leather or chrome pieces. Unlike other everyday objects carrying a mini camera, the watchmaking part of this equipment is not fake. Indeed, a spy camera watch gives the time. Moreover, spying equipment looks like a luxury watch or a sports model. The elements - indicating the presence of a miniature camera - are perfectly concealed.

As a general rule, full HD spy camera watch carries a powerful video sensor. The latter can take high definition (HD) or very high-definition (Full HD) shots. The image frequency is often 30 frames per second. The spy watch camera can benefit from performance-enhancing features. For example, there is night or infrared vision. This option allows the camera to get sharp, good-quality images, even from low-light conditions. Motion detection is a feature not found on a camera watch. It is a device that is kept at the hand during use. The motion detection is therefore not relevant to this spying material. It is necessary to clarify that watch camera spy night vision can also be used as a webcam.

For the storage of registration data, the camera watch does not require a micro SD card. This spying equipment has an internal memory. The device comes in three versions depending on the storage volume: the 4GB, the 16GB model and the 32GB watch. The gadget comes with a mini-USB cable for data transfer to a computer. Note that the device is compatible with Windows, macOS and more rarely Linux operating systems.

On the other hand, watch with camera works with a rechargeable lithium battery. This power supply offers several hours of battery life.

Also, the spy camera shows is a robust device. Our catalog includes waterproof models like the 1080p Full HD waterproof camera watch or the waterproof HD camera watch. There are also models with a microphone, such as the Full HD microphone camera watch.