Dash cam

there dashcam comes from the contraction of two English words, "Dashboard Camera." This is a on-board camera for automobile. The main objective is to make video recordings of the events taking place in and around the vehicle. Videos are stored on a memory card or through a smartphone for models with Bluetooth.

The use of dashcam was common with law enforcement and the car parks of large companies. It opens to the private driver from 2006. Technological advances have impacted dashcam in image quality and recording time. The market is growing in France, but it is very popular in countries such as Russia and Asian countries. The records can be dated and can be located dashcams contain a GPS option.

There are external view cameras which are designed for recording the environment of a car, very useful for collecting evidence of a car accident. The internal dashcams are designed to record videos relating to the interior and occupants of the vehicle, which is very useful in proving a driver's good faith in the event of an incident.

These criteria include:

  1. Image resolution The most important criterion to consider when choosing your on-board camera. The videos recorded by the latter will serve as evidence in the event of an accident. The 1080p full HD is recommended for a minimum. The quality of the image takes up a large storage depending on its resolution.
  2. Check-in speed : it depends on the quality of the dashcam processor, it is recommended a minimum setting of 30 frames per second.
  3. Theangle of view from 120 to 180 degrees
  4. front page night vision recommended for night trips with a sensitive sensor or with an infrared LED
  5. a Gps recommended for dating and geolocation 
  6. there G-sensor function or also called accelerometer to avoid the loss of a video in the event of a severe impact
  7. a dual front and rear lens to film everything that's going on on the road
  8. there Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 
  9. the parking mode (parking monitoring) with a motion detector is ideal for parking your car and helps the police in case of vandalism or attempted theft of your car while you are away.

The main objective of a dashcam is to serve as evidence in the event of an incident.  They are also recognized as reliable evidence: proof of innocence in the event of a dispute, evidence in case of collision between vehicles very useful for insurers, evidence against drivers.

In fact, on-board camera is very useful for travel, in order to keep memories of the journey. There are prices varying depending on the range, from the entry level to the high end. You can buy them on your budget. So why hesitate? get one.