Hunting camera

there hunting camera is an equipment designed for outdoor use, as it is primarily used to observe wildlife. On the other hand, the device can perfectly serve as a CCTV equipment. Filming in the wild is a rather delicate operation. This requires a powerful video sensor to get very good quality images. front page animal camera typically carries a video sensor of more than ten million pixels. This allows the device to take images in HD or Full HD. the photographic trap offers wide-angle vision for better framing. The camera's photographic performance can be enhanced by features such as night vision. there infrared hunting camera is equipped with LED and infrared lamps that allow it to obtain sharp images even in the dark. There is also thermal vision that can be found on the most advanced models. Then there is the motion detection. This feature is capable of automatically launching a record. Note that the trigger time is very fast.

The presence of all these elements means that the photographic trap is more imposing - compared to that of a spy camera anyway. However, it is important that the device goes unnoticed so as not to frighten the animals. The camera is camouflaged at the case covering. Indeed, the hunting camera has a vegetation-like color. In addition, the case of this camera model is waterproof and withstands bad weather conditions.

there hunting camera simplified instructions. The case is fixed to a tree or pole. The device comes with a strap to make it easier to fasten. The hunting camera enjoys a great autonomy. The latter is several months in standby mode. The device can film continuously for several hours. The diet changes, of course, depending on the model. It can be a rechargeable battery or AA batteries.

It is also important to know that hunting camera may have a screen of about 2 inches for viewing recording data. To keep videos and photos, a micro SD card is required. On the other hand, the transfer of data on a computer is possible. the photographic trap can also be provided with a TV cable allowing a direct connection to a TV.

Our catalogue includes all models of hunting camera most popular. Accessories such as the solar charger or the safety box can also be found.