Tracer mini GPS for child and nobody agee - GPS child Tracker

Tracer mini GPS for child and nobody agee

This GPS Tracker for small child is particularly effective. Indeed, slipping almost everywhere and with great capacity of coverage, this device will allow you to locate in real time your child or loved ones. Autonomy of 8 months, 5 meters accuracy, 3 years of subscriptions including (then 9.99 euros a year from the 4th year).

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In the world we live in today the gps of our children or our relatives tracing has become a necessity. However, to avoid disturbing them and respect their vital space of devices, as practical and effective we are offered. Among them, find it GPS Tracker. It is a device which measures 105 mm long, 27 mm wide and 9.5 mm high with a total weight of 30 g. You can slide it discreetly in the bag to your child or in his pockets unless it bothers. This device is also equipped with a 14 cm strap if your child prefers to wear it as a bracelet or hang it in her purse or belt.

The biggest advantage of this GPS device is that it is particularly autonomous and works without SIM card. Indeed, even if your child were to travel or go long, once charged, it can accompany him for about 8 months. Then, because he does not have SIM card, there so no need subscription to work. You benefit from 3 years including subscriptions in the price of this plotter GPS then it will cost 9.99 euros annually from the 4th year.

In terms of its operation, the GPS child Tracker gives you its position every 3, 5, or 10 minutes depending on the configuration you choose. As a tracker, they become active and will let you know as soon as there is a significant shift. You can thus trace the entire route to your child, see how fast it moves and where to stop. You can define geographic areas do not exceed. As soon as the GPS Tracker out of the box, you will receive an alert immediately.

Finally, to enjoy all the benefits that the device offers, simply install it. The installation is very easy; you need to load the tag GPS. Then, install the GPS application, whereupon you can connect both devices on your Smartphone. Once these steps have been completed, slide the Tracker where you feel fit. Be aware that this device offers a precision of location 5 meters. Whatever it is, it is a particularly effective device in any situation. This applies even where you have to track down goods (bags, cars, motorcycle, parcels...) lost.

Data sheet

30 grams
105 x 27 x 9, 5mm
Operating system
IOS and windows
Load time
1 hours
Lithium polymer
8 months
5 meters
Requires a subscription
3-year subscription included in the price of the GPS Tracker then 9.99 euros per year
Compatible smartphone
Android and Apple
Mobile app


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