Spy camera

Today there are a wide range of devices to film in hidden camera. These devices have multiple applications. It can actually be used to constitute evidence or set up a video surveillance system. You should also know that a spy camera is distinguished by its appearance of conventional models. The spying equipment often takes the form of a banal everyday object.

The Watch camera and the telescope camera are the facilities to constitute evidence. They shoot his target in a spinning or record an interview - it without arousing suspicion. It should be noted that watchmaking of the Watch camera is not fake, the device gives a good time. Regarding the telescope cameraIt has no real glasses. Moreover, the camera components are integrated in the frame of the glasses. Another kind of spy camera which allows to film without attracting attention, the pen camera, the Spy car key and the lighter camera. These are apparently perfect imitations of a pen, a key car and a lighter. The camera part aside, these are of course, mock objects. We can not write, or start a car, and even less to light a fire with these accessories. These are used only to film.

Insofar as the need is more on video surveillance, there are devices like the alarm clock camera, theclock camera and thelight bulb camera. These devices allow video protection, without the need to install a server or a cable network.

One spy camera works with a high-capacity lithium battery. Data storage is done either on an internal memory, a micro SD card. The devices offer a wifi connectivity. The latter allows to view remotely and live images taken by the camera. A case of charging and USB cable are accessories supplied with this type of material.

To avoid being taped with a hidden camera, can be used in devices like the camera detector or detector micro.