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Pet resistant GPS plotter

This GPS tag dog and cat is a solid and waterproof device, ideal for your pets. Long autonomy, works with a GSM and GPRS module, geographical area delimitation, live tracking.

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the GPS plotter is an ideal tracking device for your pet, dog or cat. It allows you to find them easily in case they move away from your home. So you will always know where they are when you lose sight of them. The appliance is installed on the collar of your pet. It is designed not to flout in the worst conditions. Solid and waterproof, it will be shock and water proof. The device has an IP65 level sealing, it does not fear neither the rain nor the projection of water. 

The unit is powered by a 700 mAh Li-ion battery that ensures a 15-day battery life. You can put the device in standby mode to save battery power. It is up to you to set the standby time for the geolocation to stop working. Once this time has passed, the device automatically restarts. It is also equipped with a motion and vibration detector. Thanks to an integrated GSM module, it will notify you of each movement and displacement carried out by your animal via SMS. To do this, you must obtain a SIM card for the Tracer Gps  to receive notifications. You will receive all kinds of alerts sent to you by the device. This can be a speed alert that informs you when your pet, in his travels, exceeds the normal speed you have set yourself on the device. 

the GPS Tracker dog is also equipped with geo cloture alert technology. The principle is simple. You define your geographic fence via the Web platform or application. So when your cat or dog crosses this fence you will be immediately warned. The Web platform and applications allow you to track the positioning of the device thanks to the satellite signal received from the device. You follow in real time the movements of the device. Note that the use of these applications does not require a fee. They are available to you for life. Through an open communication protocol, positioning tracking can also be done on other third-party software. The device comes with its original box, a USB cable and a user manual. 

Data sheet

Motion detection
Lithium polymer
fifteen days
Battery capacity
700 mAh
Smartphone compatible
Android and IOS
Mobile app


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