Spy Microphone Recorder

The micro spy recorder is part of the panoply of the perfect spy. A small electronic device designed to allow discreet listening and recording of conversations, it was designed to go unnoticed. The long-lasting micro-spy recorder is known for being a powerful gadget that - according to the models - has many features.

The micro spy recorder is an ideal solution for people who need discrete but powerful hardware to capture sounds. It is used in the surveillance of homes, offices or even open spaces. The micro-spy recorder is sold in different formats that have in common their small size and discretion. Generally, the mini micro-spy recorder is available as a small, very small case - holding in the palm of a hand for the most advanced models. There are also the very common formats of the micro-spy recorder in the form of a USB stick - impossible to differentiate from a conventional USB stick - or the spy pen ... For USB sticks of a particular kind, in addition to the recording function of the micro-spy, there is the usual storage function of a normal USB stick. This will allow data to be stored and used to transfer it to another medium. Other models can also act as a walker and can be used as an MP3 player.

In addition to its small format, undetectable by the unsophisticated, it is simple to use and does not require specific knowledge or special skills, other than to be able to place it in the best place to be able to capture the best sounds. It is excellent for capturing all kinds of sounds and allows for a quality recording in different audio formats. The recording in this way can be read from your usual player - computer, tablet, phone ... For those looking for absolute discretion, they will be able to be fully satisfied with the mini micro-spy recorder version with a design specially worked to improve its appearance. 

Generally, due to its small size, the spy recorder goes unnoticed and can therefore be hidden in any container - pocket, kit ... - without diminishing the quality of the recording obtained. For the most efficient models, it allows to have a high sound quality audio file without the need for special treatment. However, if background noise is too high - such as outdoor or group recordings - it may always be possible to consider processing the file obtained through software. It's about getting individualized sounds and having sharper, off-the-way recordings of parasitic sounds.

At the storage level, always to facilitate use and satisfy as many users as possible, capacity is an important point to consider. It is this ability that ensures that the recording made by the micro spy recorder can last more or less long. For the more demanding, they will be able to opt for micro-spy recorder models with high storage capabilities to have long-lasting recordings. Thus, the greater the storage capacity the more the micro-spy recorder will be able to record over a long period of time.