Waterproof GPS pet Tracker - Animals GPS Tracker
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Waterproof GPS pet Tracker

GPS Tracker for animals ultra high-performance, lightweight only 33 grams, long battery life, followed directly from your pet via the mobile application, waterproof.

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To ensure the safety of your pets, there is a Tracker chat and dog. These are usually as small miniature devices which settle on the collars of your pets. Among them, you will find this model which is particularly small, but very effective. Indeed, the machine measures only 62mm long, 30mm wide and 18mm thick for barely 33g. It will hardly be if your dog or cat notices this equipment that will allow you to monitor at all times. 

Given its use, this GPS collar for cat and dog has to be autonomous, but especially resistant. Its rechargeable 500mAh Li-ion battery can last 30 hours, see even up to 200 hours in standby mode. It is also built in a robust material and sealed in order to be functional in any environment. The device can ensure the tracing of your animal, it is located in a House on the outside, because it works in GSM and GPRS network. This will also allow you to have perfect and real-time coverage.

To operate the device and get the location of your dog or cat, simply call or send an SMS to the SIM card in the device. However, it is noted that the product is not delivered with the card, you will need to purchase one. In response, the GPS chip for cat We will send you an SMS with a Google Maps link on the position of the animal. However, if you want to track in real time and not a simple temporary location, you need to activate GPRS and set the APN. An online platform where you will need to register beforehand, will show you his movements. In addition to its location, this tracer you will get, history of its route, its speed and its movements. Know that the device is able to memorize the data for 6 months, so you can more easily trace the entire history.

Like any good GPS TrackerThis model has a feature allowing you to create a geographical area must not cross. With this application, if your pet leaves or enters the zone, you will be alerted directly. Thus, for the greater good of your pets make sure they are equipped to GPS collar especially when you're on the go. This will allow to get more insurance and acting, even remotely in case of need. 

Data sheet

33 grams
Lithium polymer
Less than 5 meters
Yes - IP66
Possible operating temperature
-20 ° C to + 55 ° C
Battery capacity
500 mAh
Smartphone compatible
Android and IOS
GSM frequency
2 G GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900 mHZ
Mobile app


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