Hunting GSM camera

As the name suggests, the GSM hunting camera is a camera specially designed for hunting or animal observation but - due to its many features - it can also be used for monitoring premises. An indispensable tool for hunters or video lovers, the GSM camera is easy to use and requires no software. 

What differentiates the GSM fighter camera from a simple hunting camera is that it is equipped with a SIM card. This allows the user to receive an alert by text, mms on your mobile or by email in case a photo or video has been taken. Provide a sufficient subscription for optimal functionality. Some models even allow alerts to be sent to multiple numbers.  In practice, when the GSM hunting camera detects any movement, it automatically triggers and signals it to the user at the same time. As a result, the user no longer has to move and can access the registered file, which can be transferred directly. The captured images and videos are stored on the storage space and can then be transferred to another medium. This GSM technology also allows the user to trigger the SMS hunting camera by sending a simple text message. In this case, the same technology as for mobiles is used, except that the camera does not need to respond. This GSM feature is all the more valuable for users who want to have a camera that allows them remote monitoring management, discreetly, without the need to disturb animals or without raising the suspicions of intruders - in the cases of monitoring a premises, for example. 

A true GSM photographic trap, this new type of hunting camera is equipped with high-performance infrared motion detection. This room allows him to take photos and videos in conditions of reduced or very bad visibility. Sensitivity can be adjusted to dispose of high-definition images and videos. The sensitivity of the sensors can be up to 20 meters with a shooting angle of 120 degrees. It is the powerful sensors - some up to 30 million pixels - that allow it to take quality photos and videos despite poor light conditions. With a trigger time of less than half a second - 0.3 seconds for some models - this type of hunting camera is a real gem of technology. In addition, this camera allows you to take photos and videos - with its built-in - day and night. 

Particularly robust and especially waterproof - because often placed outdoors and subject to all the vagaries of the weather - the GSM hunting camera is also very appreciated for its great autonomy. Some models can run for more than 6 months without the need to recharge their batteries - LR6 in most cases.