Gps Tracker high magnetic autonomy - Plotter GPS waterproof with a very long battery life, equipped with a battery of 10000 mAh
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Gps Tracker high magnetic autonomy

Plotter GPS waterproof with a very long battery life, equipped with a battery of 10000 mAh, platform and free mobile tracking application. Satisfaction guaranteed

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The tracer long duration GSP magnetic to track the movement of a target with great precision. The material has a GSM support and works with a rechargeable battery with a high autonomy.

This GPS Tracker is the spy equipment by excellence. It comes in the form of a small compact body. It measures only 95 mm long for a 47 mm width and a thickness of 30 mm. It is thus a discrete device that could easily conceal. This one weighs by elsewhere 136 grams, which is less heavy than a high-end smartphone. Hidden in a travel bag, we won't notice his presence.

This GPS Tracker spy has also been designed to track the movement of a motor vehicle. The equipment is fitted with a magnetic media which facilitates its fixation on a metal surface. This GPS car tracker can be hidden in the bodywork without arousing suspicion. Thanks to its powerful magnet, this motorcycle GPS Tracker will not take off.

The long term GPS Tracker therefore support for a SIM card. This allows for monitoring remotely and in real time of the device. Are tracked on an online platform accessible from a computer running Windows or macOS. You can also get the location of this tag GPS with a mobile device like the smartphone or tablet. This through a dedicated application. The latter is available on iOS and Android. Note that the device is only compatible with the micro SIM cards and no subscription is essential.

Autonomy is one of the key strengths of this GPS car tracker. The material uses a rechargeable battery lithium high capacity 3.7 V and 10000 mAh. Refills can then be spaced 90 days.

It is important to mention that the case of this GPS Tracker is waterproof. It is indeed protected IPx6. This index means that the hardware is perfectly watertight and is not afraid of moisture. The unit can also withstand fluctuations in temperature. It is actually functional from-20 to 50 ° C.

Data sheet

136 grams
Standby time
90 days
Lithium polymer
Possible operating temperature
-20 ° C to + 55 ° C
Battery capacity
Compatible Smartphone
Android and Apple
Control mode
GSM frequency
Yes - included into the lamp body
Location accuracy
Less than 5 m
Low battery signal is sent


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