GSM Spy Microphone

In terms of surveillance with wireless devices, the GSM microspy is a major ally that has many advantages. Discreet, easy to carry and the most practical to use, the GSM micro-spy is a perfect tool to spy without the risk of being caught in the act. It's great for listening to conversations without having to be present and without even being suspected of hearing from a distance.

As the name suggests and implies, it uses the same technology as our mobile phones, which is a definite asset for a remote mission. For its operation, the insertion of a chip - the same as that necessary for mobiles - is essential. This device will enable a remote recording, without having to move or set up any system to trigger it in a timely manner. The principle remains the same as with a simple retail phone call that the device does not ring and a call made to the number automatically triggers the recorder. There is therefore no call per se but remote activation through the GSM operator. The recording, as an audio file, can then be transferred to another medium once the recording is complete. The audio file obtained is of remarkable quality and can be read from the usual readers. Please note that it is advisable to transfer the recordings made regularly to prevent the storage space from reaching saturation and prevent the device from functioning properly.

Beyond the basic function of recording, it is this same GSM technology that allows you to take advantage of another original feature that cannot be accessed on other types of micro-spies. These include the possibility of having precise geolocation. A most useful feature in case remote monitoring is done with moving targets. Here, it is again the chip that allows to give the position of the wearer of the bug. The enabled recording function and the geolocation function are compatible, one not preventing the other. They can also be activated separately depending on the needs of the moment. Thus, even if the target moves, we can continue to hear and if necessary, record all the sounds detected by the micro-spy.

Designed to be as discreet as possible, reducing all clutter and detection risks, the professional GSM micro-spy can be concealed in any mundane object. It also has the advantage of allowing remote listening - and recording - without limitation other than the coverage of the GSM operator. As long as the network is active, you will be able to hear and trigger the recording at any time. You will be able to act in real time, without difficulty. With no special action required, the high-range GSM spy allows you to track the target from a reasonable distance and continue to monitor it discreetly. The sounds obtained will be clear and clear without you having to take the slightest risk.