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Collar with tag GPS for pets

GPS collar for pets allowing you to monitor and locate them permanently. Small and light, 96 grams, 10 days autonomy, followed directly by application, location at 2 meters accuracy 

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Some pets become, over time, of real members of the family, so that it is indispensable for their masters to know they're safe. To do this, there is no better than to know where they are. It is therefore important to equip them as monitoring devices the GPS plotters. To meet this need, find it GPS collar for dog and cat. This tracer for pet is particularly resistant and will accompany your 4-legged friends in all their travels. Thanks to this little gadget, you can draw your pet anywhere, by getting his exact location and its movements on your phone.

It's a standard adjustable Necklace (circumference from 43 to 58cm) and light which disturb any pet. More, it has a very nice design giving a side very cute your animal. This GPS dog collar features a rechargeable battery Li - ion battery 500mAh. The latter has an autonomy of more than 30 hours in order to carry out its functions. Being a well equipped device, it includes a function of activation of security fence. It is especially convenient for the tags GPS cat or dog by sending you an alert as the animal leaves or enters a defined area. 

This model of GPS dog collar can also serve as a listening device remotely to allow you to stay in touch with your pet. Because animals can be particularly difficult to manage, have no fear, this GPS collar is waterproof and very durable. It is made from an alloy of ABS and rubber making it difficult to crack. Depending on the configuration you choose, the device can stay active for a long time. Indeed, if you set the collar so that make you a report location every hour, it will take between 3 to 5 days.  If however, you want to have in view your pet more frequently, you can request a report every 30 seconds. In this case, the Tracker chat or dog will have a range of 12 to 15 hours. The device works by GSM and GPRS network, which will facilitate the location, that your pet either on the outside or the inside. Location accuracy is 2 to 5 meters. In any case, it's a powerful, reliable and nice Tracker that will ensure the safety of your pets. 

Data sheet

96 grams
Lithium polymer
10 days
Possible operating temperature
-20 to + 55 degrees
Battery capacity
Compatible smartphone
IOS and Android
Location accuracy
Between 2 and 5 metres
Mobile app


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