Animals GPS Tracker

the GPS tracker animals is an electronic device that makes it easy to find your pet. You should know that this type of tracer works as a GPS beacon classic. The device includes a GPS receiver and a GSM mobile phone module. The acquisition of geolocation data is usually done in two distinct ways. The device can send an SMS containing a link to Google Maps or a dedicated site. The device can also transmit data Geolocation to a waiter. The follow-up is then done on a dedicated platform. In the case of the GPS tracker for dog and cat, the second method of transmission is the most common. You need to connect to the tracking platform to find out where your pet is. Accessing the platform carries a fee, but it is usually included in the price of the GPS beacon.

the GPS tracker animals has a smaller, lighter case than a conventional beacon. There is a simple reason for this, so the device should not be a source of discomfort for the animal. The device usually attaches to the pet's collar. The case then has a fastening system to facilitate this. The fastening system must be robust. This is to prevent the GPS tracker animals does not tear when the animal scratches or makes sudden movements.

The pet can go out a lot, especially cats. The animal GPS tracker case must therefore be suitable for outdoor use. Thus, the device must be waterproof and insensitive to adverse weather conditions. As a result, the operating temperature of animal GPS beacons is between 35 degrees Celsius below zero and 70 degrees above zero.

It is not known how long the dog or cat can spend wandering. the GPS tracker must thus have a solid autonomy. The device often carries a rechargeable lithium battery. Note that it can take a little more than ten days between refills. Take the example of the GPS tracker for animals, available in our catalogue. The model offers a 15-day battery life , which is quite important.

a GPS tracker for animals has an accuracy of about ten metres. In other features to mention, compatibility with the main mobile operating systems, namely iOS and Android. This allows tracking to be possible, regardless of which smartphone is used.