GPS plotter for car with great autonomy - GPS car tracker

GPS plotter for car with great autonomy

This GPS Tracker is an impressive performance device with a 2600 mAh battery that can hold up to 450 days in sleep mode. Thanks to the GPS and GSM modules, only one call is needed to locate the vehicle or use the dedicated mobile application.

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this GPS plotter 2G is designed for all kinds of vehicles, be it a car, a train, a motorbike or a boat. We recommend this device for its high quality. It has an impressive autonomy capacity. Its battery can operate in standby mode for 90 days in a row and for 450 days in sleep mode. A mini battery of 2600 mAh ensures its power supply. This GPS beacon is designed to cope with any ordeal. It is equipped with a good sealing. It can rain ropes, but the device will never crash. Indeed, it enjoys a level of impermeability to water IPX7. 

The device is equipped with a powerful magnet that allows a solid attachment to the bodywork of a car or any other metal surface. So you don't need to use a professional for installation. With a size of 102x63x21 mm for a weight of 146 g, the device will remain discreet. It can be installed in any corner of the car, truck or motorcycle, whether in the glove box, under a seat or in the trunk. 

Equipped with a motion and vibration detector, the device sends all the travel information by an alert message or by an alert call. Thus, it is able to know when the driver crosses the authorized speed limit (defined by your care on the platform) and will inform you via alert messages. Integrating GPS and GSM modules that work in harmony, travel tracking is facilitated. 

When you make a remote call via the GSM module, the device immediately locates the vehicle. To do this, it uses parameters such as latitude and longitude. It is able to provide you with accurate and accurate data, until you inform yourself about the name of the street where it is located. You have a free Web tracking platform to track your GPS Tracker to the trace. The device comes with a USB cable, a user manual and its original box. SIM cards and SD card are sold separately. 

Data sheet

146 grams
Standby time
450 days ago
Motion detection
Lithium polymer
90 days ago
Possible operating temperature
From-10 °c to + 55 °c
Battery capacity
Compatible smartphone
Android and iPhone
GSM frequency
Sound detection
Location accuracy
Less than 5 meters
Mobile app


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