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How to use a spy camera?

Technological change has meant that today, more and more people are interested in spy camera. This is a small camera which allows you to film, record videos and capture photos discreetly. She is mostly employed in theSpying, but many users use it to monitor a person or location. Let's find out how to handle it. 


How does a spy camera trigger?

Like all devices, the spy camera can be triggered via a button. The user can start recording at the touch of a button. Indeed, all models can be used according to this very simple procedure. There are newer, more efficient models equipped with motion detector. They stay on standby when there is no movement and automatically capture images when they detect a presence. The same is true for other cameras equipped with a voice detector.


Where are images and videos placed? 

Images and videos are usually stored in your gadget's internal memory or in a micro SD card. Equip your camera with a sufficient memory card. We advise our customers to have a minimum 32GB card.


How do I get the records back?

You can always plug your device via a USB cable to your computer for image and video recovery. But some models like the spy camera in the shape of USB key or pen, have a USB port that can be directly connected to the computer. And for others, just pull their SD card and connect them independently to a computer.