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How to properly conceal his mini spy camera?

In order not to fail a surveillance mission, you need to be equipped with the spy camera adapted in terms of functionality, battery life and storage. You also have to know how to handle it. But the most important point of espionage is to find where to hide your mini camera discreetly. The installation of the mini camera depends on the espionage needs, the location and the people to watch. It must be carried out with great care, because if it is ever spotted, it would take it away from its objective. It could be destroyed or change the behaviour of those being monitored. How then to protect her from view?


Install ingeling his mini spy camera in gadgets 

The mini camera can be integrated into essential tools that are regularly used to go unnoticed: Pen, keyring, watch, alarm clock or other.


Place your surveillance camera outside

Outside, adorn your surveillance camera with a decorative cover, a way to melt it in the décor. On a tree, you can cover it with leaves. Behind the tinted windows, the spy camera could not be seen. attention! Most spy cameras are not waterproof. For outdoor surveillance, a hunting camera is recommended.


Putting your spy camera in various unsuspecting places 

When you walk into a room, no one looks up. Then install your spy camera to a high place. Putting it on a painting hanging on the wall is also a good idea, as it will be confused with the colors of the canvas. You can also keep it in a box of tissues, in a jar, or in any object that will not arouse suspicion. 

In any case, your camera should have a good viewing angle on the place or person to watch. However, it is important to hire a video surveillance expert to know what steps to take for the installation and verification process.