4K wifi remote vision camera wake-up with motion detector - Spy camera clock

4K wifi remote vision camera wake-up with motion detector

Superb 4K Ultra HD spy camera alarm clock, 12 million pixels, night vision, remote vision on computer and mobile, motion detection, 1200 mAh battery

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This product is thus a spy camera alarm clock endowed with a miniature camera. The latter has a purpose 166-degree wide-angle de 12 million pixels. This spy speaker is a high-performance camera. This one is indeed capable ofrecord videos in 4K Ultra UD. There is also a good quality of animation. The camera shoots with a frame rate of 25 frames per second. This camera alarm clock allows for sharp images even in low light conditions. Filming in the dark is therefore no problem.

Save videos in 4K Ultra HD requires a large amount of storage. Data storage is done on a micro SD memory card. Note that the product has two locations for memory cards. This spy alarm clock extendable to 128GB.This spying equipment offers several features that make it easier to use. For example, there is the motion detection. It has a range of about ten meters. If an activity is detected, the spy camera is automatically activated.

Another notable feature is remote vision. While the spy alarm clock is filming, you can watch the images live on your computer or smartphone. Note that the product is compatible with Windows or macOS computers and mobile devices running iOS or Android. On a computer, viewing takes place with a web browser. The feature also requires an Internet connection.

This spy camera alarm clock uses a lithium recharge battery as a power supply. This one offers a battery life of several hours. The charging is done using an adapter and a USB cable. Note that the device has a mini-USB port to allow the connection. This alarm clock has a top-quality finish. The product has a neat, elegant and modern design. Its cubic shape fits seamlessly into a contemporary interior decoration. Evidence of the presence of a miniature camera are invisible. There are only three buttons on the top of the case and the mini-USB port at the back. This product is all that is most discreet. It is possible to use this device to monitor your home during absences. This spy speaker is also handy for keeping an eye on babies, the elderly or pets. 


Data sheet

12.5cm x 5cm x 5cm
Frame per second
Video format
Operating system
Windows/Mac OS X
software package
12 million
View angle
Motion detection
Type of storage
Supports micro SD cards up to 128GO
Image format
Interface type
Possible operating temperature
From -20 to -80 degrees
Photo resolution
Compression format
Compatible smartphone
Infrared vision
Instant vision


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