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Can the spy camera shoot in a low light location?

there spy camera was designed to be able to record videos discreetly. The purpose of using this material is to obtain evidence or confirmation of certain facts. Although the spy camera is mainly used by professionals, individuals also use it to ensure their own safety or conduct their investigations. Most of them spy cameras can shoot in a low light location. This is quite normal, because the camera is supposed to record everything that passes in a specific place. It would not perform its function if the recording is only done in a lighted area.


As with some smartphones, the spy camera has a infrared function night-time view mode. These options allow professionals or individuals to take a video at any time of the day. In order to capture an image in a dimly lit area, the camera is equipped with a infrared LED lighting. However, it should be noted that the colour obtained is not the same as that captured during the day. Specifically, you get a black and white image.


Individuals generally use the spy camera to be able to film a possible intrusion or to surprise a person who is committing a robbery. For example, it is important to know that some cameras have a low lux and infrared night vision. The quality of the image depends on the face value in lux. Indeed, to obtain usable sequences with low light, it is necessary to obtain a camera with a face value of 2 lux or less. The lower the face value, the more satisfactory the quality.