WiFi smoke detector with mini camera and motion detector - Smoke camera detector
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WiFi smoke detector with mini camera and motion detector

This innovative smoke detector guarantees optimum safety. This revolutionary device combines several functions, which can be activated simultaneously. Full HD image sensor, WiFi, live vision on mobile, motion detector.

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A smoke detector is an indispensable safety equipment in a dwelling. This smoke detector model is all the more useful because of its many innovative and revolutionary features. This is a security equipment that allows you, in addition to preventing the risk of fire, to constantly monitor your home. Presenting itself in the form of a conventional smoke detector, thedevice has a very small integrated camera. the smoke detector spy camera works like a classic camera. The unit is equipped with a motion detector and a mini camera equipped with a sensor. The camera covers a angle of 100 °. Recorded videos have a resolution 1080 pixels

High-tech security equipment

This device is a real object derived from the new technology, with the WiFi connectivity. Thanks to this system, the smoke detector can be connected to a Smartphone also connected to WiFi or cellular network. This feature gives the hardware much more extensive functionality. there Mini surveillance camera can retransmit, live, the images and videos captured to the user's Smartphone. In addition, the hardware sends an alert notification to the connected Smartphone as soon as the motion detector detects a displacement within the dwelling. The user can keep an eye on the inside of his house permanently and remotely, via his connected Smartphone. The effectiveness of the device also resides in the location of the smoke detector: in height, in the middle of the ceiling, allowing the camera to have an overview of the room.

Data sheet

Video format
Motion detection
Lithium polymer
Image format
Possible operating temperature
From-10 °c to +-55 °c
Compression format
H. 264


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