Mini camera secret stand-alone Full HD wifi - Miniature spy camera Full HD wifi, instant on mobile and computer vision, vision
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Mini camera secret stand-alone Full HD wifi

Miniature spy camera Full HD wifi, instant on mobile and computer vision, vision at night, motion detector, 180 minutes of continuous, lithium polymer 450 mAh battery records

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If you want to keep an eye on your employees or the nanny for your children in all discretion, this mini secret camera is made for you. Small size, this secret camera can be hidden discreetly in a location of your choice. It is available in three colours: blue, red, or black.  The image quality and video of this unit is simply top: this secret camera displays a Full HD video resolution is 1920 * 1080 p. For the photo, you will not be disappointed by a 4032 photo resolution * 3024p. With such a resolution, video and photo will have an impressive finesse to view less details of the image.  

With a built-in of 450 mAh battery, you have nothing to fear for the autonomy of the camera. His record time is 180 minutes. With this mini secret Full HD camera, it is also possible to save the load. In order to backup your data, need you a 32 GB SD card. What makes the difference in this mini camera spy other is its electronic anti-vibration technology. This feature helps keep the stability of the image even if the place of the location of the camera is a little movement. This unit is equipped with 8 infrared, night vision that allows to film or take pictures in the dark.  Distance, you can view the videos and pictures taken via the Wifi network and dedicated applications. In addition, the data are easy to retrieve through the USB cable already provided. 

Data sheet

Supports up to 32 GB microSD cards
1920 * 1080 P
Video format
Continuous recording time
180 minutes
Operating system
Classic media player
Motion detection
Image format
Type of interface
Mini usb 2.0
Photo resolution
4032 * 3024P
Battery capacity
450 mAh
Compression format
Compatible Smartphone
Infrared vision


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