Mini IP camera high definition 1 million pixels, wifi - CCTV camera motorized 720 p high definition, image sensor 1 million pix
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Mini IP camera high definition 1 million pixels, wifi

CCTV camera motorized 720 p high definition, image sensor 1 million pixels, infrared vision, vision remote, audio support two-way, movement detector, built-in speaker

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This CCTV system delivers excellent photographic performance. They are based on a mini a megapixel camera. The device is capable of filming in high definition (720 p). An effective CCTV camera is an equipment that delivers sharp images and usable, regardless of the light conditions. You should know that the product is equipped with infrared sensors and a photoresistor. These elements contribute to the operation of night vision - a mode needed to shoot in low light conditions. Note that this night vision has a range of 15 m.

This wireless camera takes the form of a small sphere - part of the equipment that takes the video sensor - shown on a circular base. The device has a Wi - Fi antenna to the rear. Consider the spherical part of the unit is mobile. It can perform rotations: vertical at a 90 degree angle and horizontal according to 355 degrees. It is then possible to make panoramic views with this video surveillance equipment. The product can access an Internet network. Please note that this connectivity is the basis of several features. The most important is probably to associate the device with its smartphone. We install an application on the phone, then it becomes possible to remotely control the miniature camera. The latter has a motion detector. The identification of an activity sends a push on the phone. You can then choose to enable remote viewing - that allows to directly watch the images on his smartphone.

We find on this mini camera a loudspeaker and a microphone. The device also has a two-way audio support. In the case of burglary, can deter criminals letting them know that they are filmed. Destroy the device does not cause any data loss. The device certainly uses a microSD - up to 128 GB of capacity - card for storage of videos, however it also records on the Cloud.Par also, this mini camera works with a rechargeable battery. Its autonomy is several hours and unlimited if it is plugged into the sector. The use of the product requires no special installation. You can place the appliance on a piece of furniture, fix this one on a wall or ceiling. The product is supplied with a mounting bracket.

Data sheet

Video format
Operating system
Minimum illumination
0.01 lux
Angle of view
360 degree view
Motion detection
Storage type
Supports up to 128 GB microSD cards
Image format
Compression format
Compatible Smartphone
3.6 mm
Infrared vision
Night vision distance
15 meters


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