Battery external HD spy camera - The external battery mini spy camera is equipped with a high autonomy. With a continuous 100 m
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Battery external HD spy camera

The external battery mini spy camera is equipped with a high autonomy. With a continuous 100 minutes recording time, our spy material guarantees high reliability.

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The battery external camera spy offer of the files of high resolution : 1280 * 720 p videos and 1280 * 960 for the photos. It has a flow rate of 30 frames per second. Visualization of recording is done so with fluidity while being friendly. The data storage is under file AVI or Audio Video Interleave. This technology gives to our micro spy camera his performance to preserve the original quality of the videos. It also combines the securing of sound recordings and movies in a single file. JPG format also offers benefits. Equipped with a high compression capability, it ensures storage of a large volume of photos. Note that these files are transferred to a pc or a Tablet through a cable supplied in the package.

The strengths of our battery external camera spy There are many. In addition to the above technical performance, his memory is expandable. Its design integrates a USB interface that allows the insertion of a micro SD card 32 GB. Thanks to the increase in the ability of your device, it guarantees a long recording time. It should be noted that this Mini spy camera is charging with the USB cable from your computer. The power of the battery is 2000 mah. Power cord will be used also for the transfer of files to a smartphone or tablet. You will find in your pack, USB cable and user guide.

Why we recommend the battery external micro spy camera? It perfectly meets the expectations of the customers seeking a discreet accessory. Being an exact reproduction of the original bank power, it would arouse no suspicion about its use as a mini camera. At the office, you can place it on a table of innocently meeting. For your private surveillance needs, simply place it high up on the edge of a window or above a furniture. Note that this product is compatible with the universal systems like Vista, Windows, Linux... This is a great advantage because you don't need to install any specific software to make it work and for playing the files. A push of the power button immediately starts the operation of this gadget.

Data sheet

Cards microSD up to 32 GB
1280 x 720
Frame per second
30 IPS
Video format
Continuous recording time
100 min
Operating system
Windows Me-2000-XP-2003-Vista-Mac os-Linux
Image format
Type of interface
Mini usb
Photo resolution
1280 x 960


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