Box to handkerchief with spy camera wireless Full HD - Other spy camera

Box to handkerchief with spy camera wireless Full HD

This box a tissue micro spy camera wifi has the benefits of modern technology. The wireless network connection allows remote viewing of Full HD videos and photos.

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This high-tech product is a motion detector spy camera tissue box. Operating independently, the recording is automatically triggered as soon as the sensor identifies a presence within a radius of 6 meters. Equipped with a high performance, it has a record 24 hours continuously. It should be noted that this Mini spy camera supply of videos with a resolution of 1080 * 720 p. The minimum illumination is 1 lux. With a speed of 25 frames per second, the visualization of files gives good fluidity of animation. Records are stored as an AVI file. The latter is recognized for its high compression capability, to back up a large volume of data. It in the same photos that are preserved under JPG files.

The handkerchief box mini camera spy wifi is compatible with Mac Os and Windows, as well as software VLCplayer and SMplayer. The advantage of these operating systems in their universality. Playback of recordings is thus without the need to install a specific program. For operation, a 4000 mAh battery provides the power supply. If you would like a Unlimited self, simply plug into a sector. Genuine accessory for multiple use, our spy camera HD features a USB interface. It allows to insert a micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. Using the USB cable supplied in the package, you can transfer files in your tablet or on a PC. It will also be used to recharge the battery.

If you are looking for a spy equipment reliable and discreet, this product meets your expectations. Its innocuous appearance perfectly hides the mini sensor which is hidden. Dedicated for personal or private use, it ensures effective supervision with the greatest total discretion. It is also suitable for professional use as part of a spy mission. It is enough to simply ask the micro spy camera tissue box on an office table, on a piece of furniture of living room or on the rear of the car. The recording is automatically triggered if present. More: you can also activate it remotely with the included remote.

Data sheet

1080 x 720
Frame per second
Video format
Streaming time
24 hours
Operating system
Windows-Mac OS X
software package
5 M
Minimum illumination
1 lux
View angle
90 degrees
Motion detection
6 m
Type of storage
Cards microSD up to 32 GB
Image format
Battery capacity
4000 MAh
Compression format
H 264
Smartphone compatible
Android - Apple


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