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Tie camera 4 GB spy

The tie mini spy camera develops high resolution images. The internal memory of 4 GB of this spy camera HD offers a high storage capacity.

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The port of the spy camera tie for your surveillance missions offers a full discretion. The trick: naturally tie you it around the neck. Nobody notices that he is actually a fashion accessory that conceals a spy equipment. Thanks to its remote, its operation is activated remotely without you wake the suspicions. Manipulated in a radius of 10 meters, you can also entrust this task to your mission partner. He is in charge of ordering the micro spy camera at the right time while you engage the conversation with your counterparts. You can then leisurely view the recordings. Sensitive information must be secured, simply transfer them via a USB cable.

What are the strengths of this tie spy equipment? With a shooting Full HD, the mini camera produces videos with a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels. The data obtained are perfectly exploitable by offering the maximum of details. Files being in format AVI, this technology offers a quick information transfer speed. It also preserves the original quality of the data. The use of the cable connecting the Mini spy camera to your PC or a Tablet allows you to perform this task with ease. It should be noted that the design of this accessory includes a microphone functional. Along with shooting videos, it allows to do a voice recordings. Spy tie is equipped with a internal memory of 4 GB.

We recommend the tie camera spy full HD 720 p for several reasons. Innocuous looking, it represents the ideal accessory to film in hidden camera. It has a 240 minutes continuous recording time. To ensure this autonomy of 4 hours, 500 mAh battery ensures the uninterrupted power supply. The use of lithium in its component offers multiple benefits. It allows to store a high power density, thus avoiding the unloadings during recording. Compared to a lead-acid battery, lithium has a low discharge rate and thus a longer life span. The most: our Mini spy camera is directly usable without requiring you need to install a software any. It is delivered as a package with the camera, remote control, USB cable tie and the booklet of use.

Data sheet

Streaming time
4 h
Lithium polymer
Yes built-in
Interface type
Mini Usb
Battery capacity
Remote control distance
10 m
Internal memory
4 GB


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