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What happens when the spy camera's memory is saturated?

there spy camera has a slot for a micro SD card, making it possible to save recorded videos. When the camera is used continuously to monitor a home or office, the memory may become saturated after a certain period of time.

Normally, your spy camera doesn't come with a memory card. It is up to the user to get it when the order is placed on our shop. In the context of professional use, it is best to consider several criteria, namely memory capacity or speed. In order to avoid a possible loss of data, it is essential to choose a reliable and solid hardware. Note that the capacity of the card can vary between 16GB and 256GB. When choosing your micro SD card check the maximum storage capacity of thespy device you've chosen. The information can be found in the product description or its technical sheet.


A loop recording

Manufacturers have already foreseen this memory saturation problem. thus Recording images is looped. In other words, when the maximum capacity is reached, thee first record will be crushed automatically. This will allow the normal resumption of the recording and so on.

This requires some precautions since to recover the crushed file, you will need to connect the memory card to a computer and use recovery software. But this use is not as common as it looks, most of the time the crushed files are damaged. It is therefore recommended to provide an external disc or a high-capacity micro SD card to regularly record the oldest images. This is a common practice in large companies. In the event of an incident, archiving files is very useful. It must be recognized, however, that this practice is quite expensive for the company. In order to optimize the available memory space, companies prefer to use the spy camera with motion detector. In this way, the recording only triggers when there is movement.

Another alternative is the setting the image resolution. As the HD videos space saving can be done by reducing the resolution of the video recording.