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Charger spy camera HD WIFI

The spy camera charger remote viewing is at the forefront of modern technology. Practical, our micro camera allows the visualization in real time of the files on your smartphone.

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The motion detector spy camera charger works independently. The video recording is automatically triggered in the presence of an undesirable person or an intruder. The startup doesn't need your intervention. Thanks to its angle of view of 90 degreesthe goal provides the scanning of a wide field of vision. So you have a high volume of data to exploit. Being consistent on Android or Apple, the files of our camera spy wifi can be viewed directly on your smartphone. The display of images full HD with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels provides comfortable viewing and excellent fluidity of animation.

The HD spy camera charger multiple advantages. It looks like to be mistaken for the appearance of a classic adapter. It also includes registration details to look more like the original. Its use as spy camera therefore above suspicion. A tiny hole and undetectable home the goal. Once it is positioned on a wall outlet, you can continue to do business. Meanwhile, the camera records videos in your place. Our Charger mini spy camera Another advantage: it has a mini USB interface. To increase the storage capacity, you can insert a a maximum of 32 GB memory card. The USB cable used to transfer the files obtained to a tablet or a pc for their security.

We suggest that spy equipment for its high performance. It is compatible with universal applications on Windows or Mac Os. Functional immediately, it is convenient to handle and easy to use. Thanks to the dissemination of images in real-timeYou can take action immediately if suspicious presence in your home or office. Note that this Charger mini spy camera is provided with a Unlimited self. Connecting permanently on a sector is therefore an undeniable advantage. Intended for immediate use, this product comes with a USB cable and a manual. Remember that its handling requires no special expertise. It is suitable for private purposes (surveillance of a nanny or children) or professional (espionage, evidence collection). This product is currently unavailable

Data sheet

Motion detection
Interface type
Mini Usb
Smartphone compatible
Apple - android
Instant vision
Yes - computer and mobile


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