Handbag camera 4 GB spy - The purse micro spy camera represents a classic portfolio. Equipped with a high performance, its desi
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Handbag camera 4 GB spy

The purse micro spy camera represents a classic portfolio. Equipped with a high performance, its design incorporates high capacity internal memory.

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The spy camera purse is the accessory to keep your hands. It remains above suspicion with his innocent look. The duration of its continuous operation is 120 minutes. His internal memory is 4 GB and you guarantee a high recording volume. A lithium battery with a long life expectancy provides its power. Note that lithium is a light metal with a low volume of space. It has a density of energy compared to a traditional battery. Our micro spy camera as a result has a long service life.

Choose what handbag spy camera mini multiple advantages. Convenient to use, it comes with a remote control to turn it on remotely. You have the possibility to start or stop recording when you want. It offers a resolution of video of 720 * 480 p, a performance for a micro gadget of its range. Note that the files are stored in AVI or Audio Video Interleave format. This technology developed by Microsoft, your spy camera HD has a high compression capability. The volume of data is more important, an unquestionable asset for your monitoring mission. In the case of transfer of files, AVI format also allows to preserve the original quality of the videos.

We recommend you this micro camera spy handbag for its high quality. In addition to its technical performance, it is compatible with the universal systems most used as Windows, Mac Os, Linux... The video playback is thus directly. You don't need to install any software any or possess specific expertise. Reading the manual will suffice. This guide clearly explains the process to manipulate it and launch his record. Our spy equipment is also a small design portfolio. Equipped with a cosmetic finish, it is in matching black leather of a closure. Thanks to its minimal size, you can use it whenever you want, wherever you are to shoot discreetly.

Data sheet

720 * 480
Video format
Operating system
WINDOWS 98 - 98SE - ME - 2000XP - MAC OS-LINUX
Lithium polymer
Type of interface
Internal memory
4 GB


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