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Full HD spy camera water bottle

Micro spy camera water bottle has the latest technology. It conceals a HD spy camera with a motion detector.

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The water bottle mini spy camera is the perfect accessory to complete your collection of gadgets. Once filled with water, it can be used to quench your thirst. When it is empty, you can of course put it on a coffee table or desk. Its innocuous appearance is actually a micro device which allows torecord HD video. Being undetectable, its use offers a great advantage for the surveillance missions. As the products of its range, this micro spy camera features a USB interface. With the cable supplied in the package, you can transfer your files to a pc. This cord will also recharge your accessory by connecting it to your tablet. To expand its capacity, simply insert a micro SD card up to 64 GB.

This water bottle mini spy camera HD has many advantages. It works with a minimum illumination 1 lux. Equipped with a high resolution of 1920 * 1080 p, the resulting videos are high quality. The data obtained are stored as AVI file. This technology features a high compression ratio, it guarantees the security of a large volume of data. Our micro spy camera benefits of a angle of view of 70 °. This facilitates the framing of the record field. She has the ability to scan a wide surface of record. Allows you the ability to compile as much information. They will operate as a professional engagement or for your private use.

We recommend this micro spy camera detector-movement for autonomy. Whenever the sensor detects a presence, it systematically records the scene even in your absence. If you are looking for a reliable and discreet, this spy equipment represents exactly one that corresponds to your expectations. Fully operational, it has 180 minutes of continuous recording. A 400 mAh rechargeable battery ensures his diet. Its component integrates the lithium, the lightest metal. Her low self discharge and its high density energy gives your camera a long battery life. Intended for immediate use, your package includes bottle spy camera, 10 stickers, cable USB and instructions. Functional and practical, our bottle water spy camera will become your must-have accessory.

Data sheet

Micro sd card up to 64 GB
1920 * 1080
Video format
Minimum illumination
1 lux
View angle
70 degrees
Motion detection
Lithium polymer
180 min
Battery capacity
400 mah


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