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Power bank spy camera with real-time vision

The spy camera bank power HD Wifi is above suspicion tool to spy discreetly. This mini battery camera offers records and photographs of quality 720 pixels.

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The power bank micro spy camera is simply a battery equipped with invisible sensor. Provided a 120 ° viewing angleIt allows to cover a wide field of vision of the monitored area. Efficient and reliable, it offers video of recordings 5.0 megapixels with a fluid flow rate of 25 frames per second. This battery micro spy camera HD produces high quality photos. Equipped with a autonomyIt has a 4 hours continuous recording time. Thanks to its USB 2.0 interface, it is possible to expand its storage capacity by using a micro SD up to 64 GB card. Thanks to its light weight, it accompanies you everywhere without causing any discomfort.

The power bank camera wifi spy is distinguished by its flexibility. It is compatible with universal operating systems like Mac Os X or Windows's best-known. Its advantage: it has the asf/AVI technology developed by Microsoft. The advantage of this modern format is to store video and audio recording in a single file. In addition, its use is extremely simple and requires no special software. Our battery mini camera There is also the H264 compression system. This new technology represents the most appropriate solution for a mobile surveillance video. The viewing real-time offers better visual comfort with images of superior quality.

Why we recommend this spy equipment? Its design incorporates a microphone with a range of sound of 15 m 2. It allows to record the conversations at the same time. In case of dispute, it is a tool that allows to maintain audio evidence for your records. This accessory is also equipped with wifi, which is a definite advantage. Directly observe in real time the events captured from your mobile! Do you know that this battery motion detector spy camera has a long range of 6 meters? It goes off automatically and discreetly without your intervention. Allows you to assign a spy mission with total peace of mind! This product is currently unavailable

Data sheet

5 M
Frame per second
25 ips
Video format
Streaming time
4 h
Operating system
Windows-Mac OS X
View angle
120 degrees
Motion detection
6 m
Lithium polymer
8: 00
Type of storage
Microphones up to 64 GB SD cards
Battery capacity
Compression format
Range taken from sound
15 m²


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