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How long does it take for the spy camera battery to be recharged?

The spy cameras currently have a battery. This makes them very practical and offers more comfort in terms of use. But using a battery is no less risky. In fact, in the event of a short circuit or failure of the circuit, the image-taking can be interrupted.


Batteries built into rechargeable Lithium

Spy cameras are generally equipped with a rechargeable Lithium battery. Their battery life is about 60 minutes for the less powerful. There are alternatives for charging the battery. Either, it is done via the USB port of the computer. Or, it is immediately plugged into the area charger. Loading time lasts about 4 hours continuously for the USB port. On the other hand, if you plug it into an area charger, it only lasts 2 hours. During loading time, you will have a flashing LED light. This lets you know if the battery is still charging.


Autonomous batteries

If you want to have a battery with a longer battery life, it is recommended to opt for the battery high-capacity battery up to more than 20 hours of streaming video. 

The battery of a spy camera does not charge during recording unless the camera has a power sector like for example spy camera alarm clocks.